Gulf Oil Spill. Unrestrained capitalism got us in this mess… Lets let it get us out of this mess!

This entry was posted on Jun 23 2010

We can all agree at this point that BP was being policed very poorly and the lack of standards being enforced upon their drilling setup by the government was a huge factor in this accident. It’s been reported that the overseeing regulating agency in charge of making sure their drilling rigs were up to par had in fact found BP’s rigs to be sub par. Fine that’s capitalism in our country. That’s how it is. But why now should the government step in to regulate after the fact? They are accomplishing nothing as this spill jizzes millions of gallons of it’s oily seed into our oceans. So lets allow the unregulated capitalism that’s was the problem to also be the answer here.

I think the solution is pretty simple. A giant tampon. Let Tampax embark on what would be the most successful marketing campaign ever. They could produce a large enough tampon to plug up that hole and the publicity they would get would be enormous. Sales would sky rocket. Right now what does Tampax do for advertisement? Shitty commercials? This is their mascot/spokesperson.

So clearly they have tremendous incentive to do this. It doesn’t even have to be the permanent solution. They can just keep changing it out as necessary and buy more time for a permanent solution to be found. Yea these giant tampon’s would be expensive but it would most likely be subsidized by our government. So why not! Let the forces of capitalism work. If we are going to live with capitalism lets live with it all the way.

My point is this. If we are going to let these giant corporations rape us, then we should also let them pay for the years of therapy afterward.

In all fairness right before I wrote this I google searched this to see if anyone else had beat me to the punch, and the only person who did was Hoda from the Today show. So Kudos to her, but I decided to post this anyway, because the world needs to hear this idea from a sober person.


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