Lindsay Lohan: Trendsetter

This entry was posted on Jul 14 2010

Hollywood’s most talented bad gurl is it again! She broke down barriers with Herbie Fully Loaded, she tickled our funny bones with mean girls, and she scared us half to death with I Know Who Killed me and now the modern day bi-sexual cross between Catherine Hepburn and Cleopatra who made cocaine and alcohol abuse popular in Hollywood is blazing a new trail towards the future of men’s and women’s fashion with this new trend! SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring Ankle bracelets! Finally the sexiest part of the human anatomy is getting the attention it deserves.

SCRAM ankle bracelets cost upwards of $1,500 each and god damn are they hot! Both men and women can enjoy these and they are ohhh so versatile. By wearing them to work with your formal business attire you are letting your investors and board member’s know you mean business and that you are a sober money making machine that only comes to the office drunk on Fridays. And while you’re out partying it says:”In another drink or two, I’ll probably be willing to suck your dick in the bathroom for a line of coke.”

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One by one the stars are showing up to the red carpet sporting their sexy ankle bracelets. Rapper Eve has been photographed following Lindsay’s lead and even basketball superstar Jayson Williams who was looking to spice up his look after accidentally shooting and killing his driver with a shotgun is sporting one! And who doesn’t love Tracy Morgan?!   He’s got one too!

If you want to get in on one the hottest fashion crazes hitting Hollywood these days… tough luck. Only the coolest of the cool are getting to wear these right now as they aren’t being sold to the public for the time being. You have to awarded one by the courts since they are the only ones who are allowed to purchase them.   So keep on the lookout for what Hollywood’s definition of cool is wearing next. It just might save your life.

— Frankalank.

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