2nd Intervention Letter: From Radio LIVE! – 09/13/10

This entry was posted on Sep 21 2010

*This letter was originally read live on the 09/13/10 episode of Radio LIVE! to our alcoholic friend, TJ Fox*

Hey TJ. It’s Frank. We’ve been friends for awhile now. I’m glad that you’ve accepted that we’ll never be more than that. You are a good guy though. I’m writing this today because you have a drinking problem. You may or may not know this but you tend to black out a lot. On three separate occasions you came to class naked and made Phil touch your wiener. I don’t think that was very nice. But I know that was the alcohol not you. The alcohol makes you do things you normally wouldn’t do. Especially sexually for some reason. I remember the time when we were at your house watching the Wimbeldon quarter finals and you were drinking. You mentioned how hot the female tennis players in the match were and I agreed. That was not an invitation to start masturbating. But you took it as one and that was a very uncomfortable moment for me. Some of your splatter got on my jeans. I didn’t appreciate that. Those were jeans I had to throw out.

Another issue you have when you are drinking is comprehension and listening. I remember we were in NY city walking back to penn station from that Justin Beiber concert and I mentioned to you how plump those city pigeons looked. You had been drinking and you thought you heard me dare you to bite one. I said “no, TJ not at all.” and then you picked one up and said “this is the easiest 100 dollars I’ll ever mak”e and you took a bite out of its abdomen tearing its soft underbelly open spilling it’s intestines into your mouth and on to the streets. That night has haunted me in my dreams every since.

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