3rd Intervention Letter: From Radio LIVE! – 09/13/10

This entry was posted on Oct 11 2010

*This letter was originally read live on the 09/13/10 episode of Radio LIVE! to our alcoholic friend, TJ Fox*

From:  Mom

To: TJ

Hello TJ, my son. I love you. I want to tell you that before I begin. Your drinking has effected not only your life but the lives of your family in so many ways. It hurts to watch you doing this to yourself and your loved ones.  I first realized that you had a drinking problem when I caught you and the dog making love… the first time. I thought to myself. I didn’t raise a boy that makes love to animals and then I smelled the alcohol on your breath. I’m thankful that you blacked out and have no memory of this. It’s true son. You are the reason we had our dog spayed. The truth is that we’ve wanted to get a cat for a long time, but we’ve just been too worried about what you might do to it. I know this isn’t you. It’s the alcohol.

There was also the time you drove your father’s truck into our living room. Another blackout that you don’t remember. I know we told you that your father was doing work on the car and it became alive like Johnny Five from the 1986 hit film Short Circuit starring Steve Guttenberg and Alley Sheedy. It’s a great movie. We told you that it got angry and drove into the house… but that just isn’t true. Short Circuit was a movie. That can’t happen in real life and even if it somehow did… If Short Circuit is accurate (and I think we all know that it is) the artificial Intelligence would be extremely friendly. Car’s can’t talk and get angry in real life. Your father didn’t create artificial intelligence.  You got drunk watching power rangers and thought the truck was a mega-zord. We found you inside the truck making out with the seat belt… you thought it was the pink ranger and even in your delusion she was trying to tell you that no ment no and you were forcing yourself on her.

I love you and I want to get you the help you need. I want to support you during this time in your life. It makes me uncomfortable when you drunk dial craigslist prostitutes and invite them to our family dinners and pay with my credit card. It’s very unnerving having to dispute an overcharge with a pimp.

What I am trying to get across to you is that as a family we clean up the messes you make while drunk, because we love you. But we won’t always be around to clean up these messes, while at the same time it isn’t fair to us that we should have to. I wrote this letter to you because I want you to get the help you need so we can all have a better life… together. I’ll always be here for you.

—-Love Mom.

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