Ray Romano owes us an apology

This entry was posted on Oct 24 2010

Everybody loved Raymond!… but nobody loves Ray Romano. Lets make that distinction because it’s important. Everyone Loves Raymond was a very successful show. It was at times hysterical. But Ray Romano had nothing to do with that. The show was funny because all the other actors and actresses (like Brad Garrett) on that show were terrific. Ray was a lump and would just sit there and watch as his entire family would just walk into his house and shit all over him and it was funny. But we have to make the distinction between the show being funny and Ray being funny, because they aren’t the same thing. Ray had one joke in the entire show. Every episode was a variation of this: Ray’s mom walks into Ray’s house and calls his wife a slut and starts a small fire in the living room. Ray goes “Moooooooooom!” Cue the laugh track. Go look at his IMDB page. There is pretty much nothing there. He has been in a couple of episodes on a couple of other series like King of Queens and Becker… as Ray Barone (his character from Everybody Loves Raymond) because god knows that character was so good. He sucks. He just isn’t funny. But whatever Ray Romano had his 15 minutes of fame. Good for him… NOW GO AWAY.

This person doesn't love Raymond.

But he’s back! With a brand new show! Do you wonder what Everybody Loves Raymond would have been like without all those other incredibly funny actors to carry Ray’s dead weight? Well this is it. Men of a Certain Age. It’s another comedy because that’s what he’s so good at… It’s about the ultra depressing lives of three best friends played by Ray, Scott Bakula, and Andre Braugher who are dealing with the harsh realities of being middle aged. I’ve seen two episodes and I can honestly say that it’s one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen. It’s so depressing and even more boring.  The three of them meet at the diner every day for lunch and bitch about their shitty lives… and then they bitch about how there is nothing they can do about it. Then the show follows each one of them on their own doing nothing about how shitty their lives are. Ray’s character owns a shitty party supply store and hates what he does for a living, is getting a divorce, and living in a cheap motel. Andre’s character is miserable working at his father in law’s car dealership as a salesman (which he’s terrible at) and Scott is a failed actor working temp jobs to make ends meet going out with younger women he cares nothing about. THE LAUGHS NEVER STOP!!

The commercials show them laughing but I never saw it even once in the actual show.

The last episode I saw had Ray finding out that his Ex wife was moving on and dating someone else… so ofcourse the only thing to do is sulk, watch TV in your motel room. Andre was given a new car to use for free by his father in law but it wasn’t big enough for his ungrateful bitch wife so she went down to the dealership while he was out at lunch and embarrassed him by cursing out her father in front everyone. And Scott didn’t do much of anything. MY SIDES ARE HURTING JUST TYPING THIS! OHHHHHH MAN! RAY ROMANO HAS DONE IT AGAIN! Nobody does comedy like him… and thats a good thing. This was the worst, slowest moving, most depressing, joke-less comedy I’ve ever seen.

Okay some of you reading this might say to me that you think it’s a drama also. A “dramedy” lets say, like Rescue Me (which is very funny). Fine. #1 I’ve seen TNT marketing this as a comedy. #2 Let’s just take the comedy part out of this and see if it works as a drama. The answer is it doesn’t. Yea it is serious enough to be taken as a drama but nothing happens. There is never any conflict because the characters never do anything. They never try to make their lives better. They just bitch to each other about their sad state of affairs at a terrible looking diner. Life shits on their faces time and time again and they just take it like prison bitches. So no. It doesn’t even work as a straight up drama. Also this show is so predictable. I already know how the series is going to end. They are going to form a suicide pact and kill themselves together.

Men of a Certain Age: Brought to you by Cymbalta!

Please Ray stop trying. I’m not saying that you’ll never be funny again. I’m saying that you never were funny and if your shitty hour long comedy abortion currently airing on TNT has taught us anything it’s that once you’re forty it’s too late. Too late for what? Too late to change. Too late for everything. You are old, dried up, and used. That’s the theme of your show and in your case it’s true. Not only is this show bad but it could actually be harmful to people. A middle aged person going through a rough patch could watch this and be pushed “over the edge.” I think this could play a role in -if not cause- suicides. I really do. Actually it’s not even enough for Ray to retire. At this point he owes us an apology. Fuck you Ray Romano you talentless hack.

P.S. – If you enjoy this show you have no taste. At all. In anything. Your opinion doesn’t count anymore. I just want you to know that.

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  1. Amen – Ray sounds more like a woman than most women. I’d like to punch the idiot in the mouth.

  2. I agree. Ray Romano isn’t funny, never was and never will be. He’s a sulkie, whinie, sad sack. Just watched the show for the second time…this time he catches his high school daughter getting banged by some guy in his apartment….with his own condoms! Of course he does nothing, the daughter laughs at him and slams her door in his face. The show is a testament to how impotent a man can be while still having a pulse (albeit a slow one).

  3. There was an episode in E L R when Raymond found out that a radio host hated him, his quote was when I look at you I don’t get it. I can’t stand him I never found Ray R to be funny and just the idea that he got paid as much as he did makes me sick.

  4. He makes me ill,the entire show did actually.

  5. You’re wrong!

    NO ONE on Everyone Love’s Raymond was funny. Brad Garrett was the least unfunny. You’re only as good as you’re writers, and the writing for that show stunk. Can’t believe that show was a big hit and can’t believe you or anyone else thinks anyone on that show was funny.

  6. I hate fucking ray romano so bad it is evil i hate that stupid looking fucked up dick head so bad i wish he would fall off the face of the earth. he thinks he is real funny especially at things lekke the pebble beach events what a jerk what the fuck is wrong with this earth when people go pay money to see someone as fucked up and inherently stupid and also not funny as this fuck head god dang i hate that stupid mother fucking idiot some one do me a favor and push him in the gator pond during a charity golf event some where like florida where gators would love to eat some worthless piece of shit like that stupid fucking ray romano oh ha ha ha ray just told a funny joke for all the dolt fucked little people in the gallery oh how cute u stupid fuck head ray ramon 0 god i hate that fucker.. have a nice day. gee ray tell another joke for all the stupid little people out in the gallery oh ha ha ha eat shit you stupid fuck head hope you pass out on the porta crapper and someone tips it over you fuck head you fucking loser
    love bob

  7. oh ya thats stupid ass show of his should be everybody hates rays guts that stupid ass mother fucking idiot i hate that guy

  8. this ray is the worst depressing guy on tv

  9. So, I really enjoyed the show. LOVED IT. Still loving it. Can’t understand where all the hate is coming from. Maybe some pent-up frustration? Especially you @bob… You need serious help with that anger problem xD. Maybe you should give Ray another chance, and try to be open minded and I’m sure you will love him and the show! I love how Maria is overbearing and how she criticizes Debra.

    Anyways Bob get some help and for the rest : Just give him a good shot and you’ll see that the show is worth it!

  10. Love Everybody Loves Raymond, but the more I watch reruns, the most I realize that Ray Barone was a complete idiot and frankly an insult to most men out there. There isn’t one episode where I find myself murmuring “he’s an idiot” and I wonder why Debra would even remain with him. But that’s the writing, I suppose. All of the rest of the cast is brilliant – everyone is hilariously funny in their roles.

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