When David’s Heart Broke, So Did Ours…

This entry was posted on Nov 29 2010

**On the 11/23/10 episode of Radio LIVE!, Joe and Frank read the letter they wrote Drew Barrymore asking her to date David Arquette after he and Courtney’s separation. After hearing that Courtney Cox had left David, Joe and Frank were extremely upset and disheartened. They decided David could do better…and they would help.**

Dear Ms. Barrymore,

This letter is being written to you by Frank and Joe over at RadioLIVE! and¬† Who are we? Well, we’re definitely fans of your acting prowess, not too mention admirers of your beauty and skills as a new director. We’re going to get right to the point: David Arquette. We’re sure you’ve heard by now of the tragedy that has befallen our beloved David. The divorce between him and Courtney Cox has hit us hard. We find ourselves asking the same questions other children of divorce have asked… Why is this happening? What did we do wrong? Is it our fault? Yes, surely it is! I mean, how else can you or anyone else explain their seemingly perfect marriage suddenly falling to pieces before our pure and innocent eyes?

The Victimized Gentleman

No, we don’t personally know David nor Courtney, but the reason this divorce is hitting so close to home is that both of us can relate to David Arquette. Their marriage was an inspiration to us. It was hope, and now we’re emotionally devastated. David is a talented, goofy, offbeat fellow, but he was by no means overly handsome, rich, or famous, yet he ended up marrying the beautiful, successful (and seemingly nice), Courtney Cox. He inspired us because we feel we are similar guys to David. As far as personality goes, we’re both funny and eccentric (as this letter is evidence of) much like David. We felt that if he could end up with someone so great acting the way he does, being the man he is, then perhaps so could we. That one day we could meet a beautiful and successful woman who would not only accept the men we are, but cherish and love the quirks that we possess. It showed us that love does not have to be this superficial entity that only the beautiful are privileged to have, but that it’s something everyone can find.

To say the least, we’re crushed. We’re writing this today to ask you if you would please consider dating David. We think he’s a great guy. Apparently, Courtney left him because he “never grew up”, not because he wasn’t nice to her, or because we was unfaithful, or because he wasn’t a good father (David would never commit an infidelity and he loves his daughter), but because he “never grew up”. We thought this was a trait Courtney thought was endearing and cute, not a reason to pack her bags and leave… Even after it was over, he refused to say anything bad about Courtney on the Howard Stern Show. A noble man, that David Arquette is.

The Heartless Bitch

We have both compiled our own lengthy lists of women we think would be a good match for our David, and too our surprise you were number one on both lists (lists we made¬†separately)! We both feel that you are a nice and loving person, and a bit offbeat yourself, so maybe you would be compatible with David. The best part is that you both already know each other very well. You worked on several movies together like Scream and Never Been Kissed, so surely you have become friends over the years. We truly believe that this is the classic “the person you’re in love with has been in front of you the whole time” scenario! Please, Ms. Barrymore, we implore you to give love a chance. Have dinner with him. You guys could go to a Bennigan’s and make jokes about how obscure and weird the theme restaurant is. Believe us, you both have a zany sense of humor, so there will surely be no lulls in conversation. And worst case scenario, you had the opportunity to have dinner with a gentleman, but best case scenario…you fall in love. Do it for the children. Inspire us.


Frank and Joe

The Sexy, Offbeat Savior...?

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  1. Didn’t they date back in the 90s? There is a picture of them two out somewhere holding hands. They could of just been good friends but I thought they dated.

  2. If they did, all the better! Time to rekindle that flame!

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