We know NYC Cops are racist… but cannibals too?!

This entry was posted on Mar 01 2013

So we’ve decided to do some spring cleaning and we are going to consolidate our facebook pages for RadioLIVE! and DeadAirFM. The only place to get your DeadAirFM fix on facebook is going to be our official page. Like the shit out of that. We love the degrading comments on our site so keep leaving them but don’t stop there. Come on over to our face book page and tell us how unfunny and mean we are over there also. It’ll be a page worth liking. Every once in a blue moon we’ll give away a set of anal beads or something and we won’t just be promoting our longer form posts that we put on this site.

We’ll talk about things that we don’t necessarily want to write a 1,000 word article about. Like that cannibal NYC cop Gilberto Valle who wanted to cook and eat his wife! He had been communicating with other prospective cannibals over the internet on some weird fetish sites and had been plotting to kidnap and eat women he knew. His defense attorney claims this was just a fantasy and he was never really going to attempt any of this stuff. Meanwhile the prosecutors are contending that this guy had planned these potential crimes with such detail that there was no way that he wasn’t going to go through. When I finally read all the details of this sick case for myself I think I have to side with the defense on this one so hear me out. Apparently he was plotting with some other guy to kidnap some chick, rape her, and then cook and eat her… That has to be fantasy and let me tell you why. Would you ever fuck a hamburger or a salad before you ate it? No way! What kind of a freak has sex with their food before they eat it? It’s just not logical. If you’re a real sicko you’re either going rape the woman or your going to eat the woman not both.

What is he talking about? I'd eat Beyonce!

The most disturbing part of the story?… The cannibal cop doesn’t wana eat the black girl? This is 2013… everyone knows the best part of the turkey is the dark meat. Where is Al Sharpton when you need him? I would’ve thought that we’d have made more progress in our society than this. When are people going to learn that girl meat is girl meat no matter the color!

The worst thing about this for the guy is that his new wife is leaving after she caught him chatting about how he was going to hang her upside down and bleed her out. He only married his wife (who he met on OKcupid) less then a year ago. After she divorces him and the trial is over he is going to have to totally redesign his OKcupid profile. I mean new pictures and everything. What a pain. It’s not easy to put yourself out there like that.

Okay I know he's a creep but he was actually honest about what he likes to eat. Well except that he won't try the cooked flesh of black girls.

Honestly the hint that this guy was an aspiring cannibal should have been that he’s a 28 year old male that likes The Fray… that’s just weird.

UPDATE**** I just found out Eli Roth director of Hostel and Cabin Fever is working on a new cannibal movie called The Green Inferno! This is shit is really blowing up. Everybody is eating everybody!

The kind of girl meat cannibal cop likes.

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