About The Website

You want to know what our goddamn mission is? Do you really think you deserve it? I mean, you definitely do not deserve it, but I’m going to let you in on the secret anyway. Here at DeadAirFM, we provide the masses with phenomenal comedy via our original radio shows, our hysterical blogs, and our orgasm-inducing videos! Sounds pretty good, right? Best thing you’ve ever heard, you say?

Here at DeadAirFM, we have two amazing radio shows for your listening pleasure. Radio LIVE! is the original program from the demented minds of Joe and Frank. New episodes come around sporadically, so keep an eye out for postings! The other one is Morning Sickness, a morning show we produced for an Atlanta based internet radio station for four months. It’s episodes are posted every Monday and then archived in it’s own section. These aren’t shows to listen to around Grandma and the kids. These shows crawl inside your brain and kill you!

With brand new studio equipment, we’re able to produce the best quality shows we can! Taking calls, bashing the news, and ruining lives are just some of the things you find here. So, when you’re finished drooling over our sexy soundboard, check out the shows! I promise you, you’ll never be the same.



What can you say about a man that once let village children video tape him having sex with a chicken for 45 pesos? Not much else. That sums him up pretty well. Classic Frank. But just in case you were curious… Yes, he was Hugh Hefner’s fourth girlfriend on season one of the hit E! show “The Girls Next Door”. Although he was later edited out in post-production. Now he blogs, produces video content, and co-host’s Radio LIVE!, all for DeadAirFM!

Just try not to bang him. I dare you.


Ever take a bite of a perfectly prepared meatball Parmesan hero? Well, that’s what Joe is like. That one unforgettable moment in time that you can remember being truly happy. That’s what Joe does to people. I’m not going to say that he’s a metaphorical messiah to all of your sad, meaningless lives….because he’s not a metaphor. He’s right here. This is happening. Things are about to get real…

If they opened a Sonic in Huntington, he'd be dead in a week.