Hey Porkers! Updates, NOW!

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Listen up, you miserable bags of human waste! After months of extensive research, millions of dollars shelled out to off shore companies, and way too many late nights searching for soft-core porn that doesn’t waste our time with endless plot setup, we have finally implemented an easy way to check out the various articles written by your beloved Joe and Frank! We realized what a pain in the ass it must be to click “older entries” ten thousand times to get to the older articles. And we realized that our demographic panders to a very lazy audience, you. You people are way too apathetic and sedentary to spend time scrolling to the stuff from the past. So, you probably just don’t do it. Understandable. You guys need to spend that valuable time shooting heroin and checking out your online sex offender registrations. It’s because of that laziness that we have put a new tab into the sidebar on the left side of the page! It’s labeled as “Our Articles” and now by clicking on that tab you have immediate access to the (literally) 100 articles we have written since 2010! Damn yo, we are prolific. All the articles are listed there as links that take you straight to the article with one click of the mouse! It also shows you who wrote the article and when it was published. So check out those older articles that you’ve forgotten about! And check out the ones you might have never known existed because you don’t look at this page as frequently as you should even though you promised. Jerks…

The average DeadAirFM fan.

Update number two! We are down to the final five Morning Sickness shows that need to be posted on this site. Up to this point 19 amazing programs have been uploaded for your listening pleasure and it’s been a great experience getting to relive these shows. We have done a lot of radio, but we really hit our stride with Morning Sickness. It’s easily been some of the best stuff we have produced and we’re ecstatic that we have been able to share them with you. Five more left, starting this Monday the countdown begins. But don’t ball your fucking eyes out just yet, because we definitely have plans for future shows down the line. Morning Sickness might be coming to an end, but Radio LIVE! will live forever. Check out the homepage this Monday, as well as the following four Mondays for the last few Morning Sickness shows! And check out the Morning Sickness tab on the left side of the site for EVERY Morning Sickness we have produced and archived! Help us get more than six hits a year on this site! Help DeadAirFM reign supreme!

All my girlfriends end up like this halfway through sex.

Happy New Year From DeadAirFM!

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Happy New Year to all you miserable bastards who celebrate it! It’s 2012 and this is the year you’re going to turn it all around! All your dreams are going to come true! You’re going to find true love! You’re going to get that big promotion! Your amateur bowling team is going to bring home that trophy! Your ex-wife is going to come to her senses and drop the alimony payments and grant you custody! Your horrible in-laws are going to die! The gout on your big toe is going to go away! That girl you got pregnant last night is going to opt for the morning after pill! That guy you blew last night and swallowed his load, well his AIDS test came back negative! You’re going to find all kinds of great bargains at your favorite retail clothing store! Hank Steinbrenner is going to pass away of a fatal moose raping! And all the sentences that pour out of your mouth will be followed by exclamation points!

Yeah… Wouldn’t those things just be the tits? Listen, you’re probably all going to have the worst years of your goddamn lives. And no, it’s not because of the Mayan-end-of-the-world thing, it’s just because you’re all terrible people and deserve the worst. But keep smiling! If it makes you feel any better, our lives here at DeadAirFM keep getting better and better! Yep, there’s no stopping this gravy train! The gravy comes in thick, hot waves and doesn’t stop washing it’s beautiful presence all over our eager, wanting faces and mouths… Wait, this metaphor is starting to sound really gay… Whatever, Happy New Year my sloppy little babies!

At least we can try and hope OUR new year isn't as bad as Dick Clark looks... Why do they keep dragging him out this late and propping him up against Seacrest?

DearAirFM Must Be Pregnant, ‘Cause It’s Got Morning Sickness!

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It’s been quite some time since you’ve seen (or heard, I suppose) some new Joe and Frank radio on this sexy site, huh? I bet you sniveling, whiny fans have been getting that itch, right? It starts slow, some minor irritation. But before long you’re sitting in church or the porno theater scratching your skin off, wondering why you’ve lost your faith in humanity. Well cretins, you miserable, hideous whores… WE’RE COMING BACK!

Some of you may not be aware of this, but from January to April we were doing two morning shows a week for an Internet radio station based in Atlanta, and our show was called “Morning Sickness w/ Frank and Joe”. We put together some amazing segments and interviews, and really grew as hosts as we learned to incorporate music and station promos into our already stellar broadcasting skill-set. We discovered that by taking a more patient and simple approach to our show, we could unlock some of that natural chemistry and zest that we both possess. This made for INCREDIBLE comedy!

Unfortunately, we had to part ways with that company. We had a great experience working with them, but it’s time to get back to work! We’re planning big things for the “RETURN OF RADIO LIVE!”, and over the next two months we’ll be writing, recording, and editing brand new material for our glorious return! Until then, every Monday  you’ll be treated to an episode of Morning Sickness that you’ve (probably) never heard before! It will be posted on our main blog page, as well as the Radio LIVE! page.

Our show makes people throw up and miscarriage.

Prepare yourselves! Morning Sickness is coming to DeadAirFM, followed by new, sexy episodes of Radio LIVE! Joe and Frank won’t stop until your ears are filled with their ejaculate!


01/17/11: Frank and Joe introduce the world to Morning Sickness and kick it off with a bang! Joe counts down the top ten things he hates in this edition Joe’s Hate Corner. Also, they interview eccentric super hero “Brown Sugar” in studio to discuss NBC’s new show the cape.

Portrait of a Broken Man: Behind the Scenes of Phil Eats Catfood

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Phil Eats Catfood Episode #3

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Phil Eats Catfood Episode #2

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