Morning Sickness – April 13, 2011

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Charlie Sheen’s “My Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour. We went to it. We paid a lot of money to see it, and it was beyond awful. Also, Kevin won’t bring his boyfriend around us. Is he afraid we’ll embarrass him? ‘Cause we will! We’ll ruin his whole FUCKING relationship! Frank sees a dude on the train that he went to high school with and the dude completely disregards train etiquette by sitting down across from him. What the hell are they gonna talk about for an hour? Keep walking, dude!

This is the last episode of Morning Sickness we recorded for that internet radio station before they abruptly cancelled us because they ran out of money to pay us. It was an incredible experience and helped us pay back all the money we spent to buy the radio equipment that we still use today. DeadAirFM would like to thank anyone who listened to this program, whether it was once or all twenty-four! Send us your address and we’ll come over and bang out your mom! It’s the least we can do.

I'll never forget this day as long as I live.

Morning Sickness – April 11, 2011

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Tons of bullshit to talk about today! Joe and Frank Commentary! Executive Perks! Music News! Celebrity Dogs! Fantasy Baseball Stress! Celebrity Apprentice! But the real story is that Frank is furious that Kevin tutors him in math while high on drugs. Don’t miss it!

This is exactly what Kevin looked like during those tutoring sessions.

Morning Sickness – April 6, 2011

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The opening commentary goes on and on about how Frank can’t stand Joe’s farting at the table whenever they go out to eat with friends. We discuss whether or not Gandhi was bisexual. Spoiler Alert – We discuss what happens on Celebrity Apprentice (from two years ago). I think we finally get to that damn ATT merger segment… Music News! Also, we talk about that new stupid Superman movie.

Frank is convinced this is how I act when it happens.

Morning Sickness – April 4, 2011

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Oh baby! Yeah, we better abort that baby… Anyway, check out the traffic laws we talk about today, including the revisions we’ve made along with their respective punishments. Lois Lane is cast for the new Superman movie, but Joe and Frank have some better ideas. Real Celebrity Names is another segment on today’s docket. Plus, we try and get to ATT mergers… AGAIN!

I think the girl from "Precious" should have been the new Lois Lane. But I don't think even special effects could convince an audience that Henry Cavill could lift her.

Morning Sickness – March 30, 2011

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This morning Frank gets into some real Facebook trouble after posting about his affinity for rape jokes. Joe and Frank Commentary runs rampant throughout the show, specifically regarding Elizabeth Taylor’s recent death! We take another shot at Frank Psychiatrist, the segment Frank claims doesn’t exist! Plus, we get an exclusive in-studio interview with hip-hop star, Chris Brown. We take another shot at getting to the ATT merger bit we’ve been promising since last show. It’s gonna we wet and wild!

Special Guest Third Mic: Greg

"I might never get to hit Rihanna in the face again." - Chris Brown, People Magazine

Hey Porkers! Updates, NOW!

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Listen up, you miserable bags of human waste! After months of extensive research, millions of dollars shelled out to off shore companies, and way too many late nights searching for soft-core porn that doesn’t waste our time with endless plot setup, we have finally implemented an easy way to check out the various articles written by your beloved Joe and Frank! We realized what a pain in the ass it must be to click “older entries” ten thousand times to get to the older articles. And we realized that our demographic panders to a very lazy audience, you. You people are way too apathetic and sedentary to spend time scrolling to the stuff from the past. So, you probably just don’t do it. Understandable. You guys need to spend that valuable time shooting heroin and checking out your online sex offender registrations. It’s because of that laziness that we have put a new tab into the sidebar on the left side of the page! It’s labeled as “Our Articles” and now by clicking on that tab you have immediate access to the (literally) 100 articles we have written since 2010! Damn yo, we are prolific. All the articles are listed there as links that take you straight to the article with one click of the mouse! It also shows you who wrote the article and when it was published. So check out those older articles that you’ve forgotten about! And check out the ones you might have never known existed because you don’t look at this page as frequently as you should even though you promised. Jerks…

The average DeadAirFM fan.

Update number two! We are down to the final five Morning Sickness shows that need to be posted on this site. Up to this point 19 amazing programs have been uploaded for your listening pleasure and it’s been a great experience getting to relive these shows. We have done a lot of radio, but we really hit our stride with Morning Sickness. It’s easily been some of the best stuff we have produced and we’re ecstatic that we have been able to share them with you. Five more left, starting this Monday the countdown begins. But don’t ball your fucking eyes out just yet, because we definitely have plans for future shows down the line. Morning Sickness might be coming to an end, but Radio LIVE! will live forever. Check out the homepage this Monday, as well as the following four Mondays for the last few Morning Sickness shows! And check out the Morning Sickness tab on the left side of the site for EVERY Morning Sickness we have produced and archived! Help us get more than six hits a year on this site! Help DeadAirFM reign supreme!

All my girlfriends end up like this halfway through sex.