Morning Sickness – March 28, 2011

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We had a real barn-burner of a show this morning! We open the show with a discussion about how America’s new language will soon become a series of grunts and growls that will be extremely popular among the homeless, who will eventually rise up in resentment to take over the country and kill all the rich! Then for about an hour Joe and Frank forget that they produce a comedy show and get into a very serious and heated argument regarding the pros and cons of legalizing prostitution. Then just when it looked like they’d start saying something funny again, they started aggressively discussing their religious views. Eventually they get to talking about the NCAA March Madness and some other shit. You’re definitely going to wanna tune in for the political commentary…

LT having sex with an underage prostitute single-handedly ruins this Morning Sickness episode.

Morning Sickness – March 23, 2011

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On today’s Morning Sickness, Frank once again claims Joe is only happy when he is fat. There is some commentary on the Alien franchise, which Joe thinks is awful. We decide not to edit out one of the plugs for the now defunct internet radio station this show was originally recorded for because Joe makes the station pitch so badly it must be heard by all. Kevin is a guest on this morning’s show, and he joins in on a three way rendition of Genesis’ “Invisible Touch.” Also, Joe accuses Frank of cheating in their friendship when he discovers Frank has other friends.

Special Guest Third Mic: Kevin

Phil Collins drumming and/or having an orgasm.

Morning Sickness – March 21, 2011

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This week, on a very special Morning Sickness, Joe shows up in an abnormally good mood, and it makes Frank incredibly suspicious. He’s convinced the only reason Joe could be in a good mood is because he’s done something horrible to Frank. Also on the docket of conversation, we discuss the tsunami in Japan, music news, celebrity breakups (Joe claims he’s the one who broke up Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake), and Frank talks about how he hates The Sopranos. Plus, Frank Reviews Movies! Check it out!

You had too much! I had to step in.

Morning Sickness – March 16, 2011

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On today’s Morning Sickness we literally abduct ten children from their homes and murder them live on the air! Oh wait, that’s next weeks show. Alright, forget that shit… What’s on today’s show… (shuffles through notes) Come on… (eats sandwich and masturbates) Ah, here’s today’s show! We’re going to be talking about the Happiest/Unhappiest States. We’re debuting a brand new segment called “Joe’s Lust Corner”, where Joe obsesses over Avril Lavigne and it disgusts you. Frank comes in completely unprepared this morning and Joe calls him out for chewing gum on the air. We mention some fantasy baseball stuff and how our friend Rob (who is the commissioner of the league) sucks. Plus, we get the biggest names to interview on Morning Sickness! Lebron James and Chris Bosh will be IN STUDIO for interviews! What will these guys have to say? Tune in to find out!


Morning Sickness – March 14, 2011

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Today’s morning is chock full of taboo and hate! That happens. We introduce the show with a tolerable conversation about what kind of bar we’ll open when we both fail at our respective endeavors. Frank wants to name the bar “Fun Bar”, while Joe is leaning towards “The Rape Dungeon.” The consensus is that both names are horrible. A brand new “Joe’s Hate Corner” airs today, along with a discussion about the iPad 2. I thought I heard our “Letters of Correspondence” music in there somewhere, so that might also happen. We wrap up the show with some great ideas on how to lower gas prices and fix the oil crisis! Bottoms up, bitches!

This is exactly the kind of guy our hit bar will attract someday! Real winners!

Morning Sickness – March 9, 2011

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For the first twenty-five minutes of this morning’s program, Joe and Frank (and Kevin, the third mic) relentlessly harass each other’s dieting efforts, along with each person’s physique. Everyone involved in the argument apparently has an awful body and these three (all best friends) let each other know it in the most offensive, mean-spirited way they know how. It all comes down to who “wins the diet”, as Joe so eloquently explains to Kevin’s disdain. Also on today’s show, we confront Kevin about his refusal to set Frank up with his hot, redheaded, and supposedly easy (Frank’s words) friend. Why won’t Kevin let us bang and impregnate his friends? Is he hoarding them for himself? This would be a real twist considering he’s gayer than two guys sucking each other’s dicks at a Ricky Martin concert! Is he just pretending to be gay for the women?!  Relationships and music news are also on the docket. Not too mention, you might hear some stuff about the now defunct internet radio station this show was originally recorded and aired on that we were just too lazy to edit out! Deal with it, sluts!

Special Guest Third Mic: Kevin

Ricky Martin forces Frank to watch as he pummels that hot, redheaded girl with his cock and fills up her entire body with his love seed!