Radio LIVE! Extras

This is where you can find the best Radio LIVE! extras that you have heard on the show! Below are links that play our best promos and commercials! This is the place to be to find exclusive videos, songs, and much more! Are you afraid? Because you should be.



**On the 11/23/10 episode of Radio LIVE!, Joe and Frank were not convinced that Nate was patriotic enough, so they made him take a citizenship test. Nate passed and was forced to fill out paperwork that would allow him to become a citizen of this great country once again.

Nate's Application For Re-admission into the United States

**On the 10/25/10 episode of Radio LIVE!, Joe and Frank use a spell to try and turn their friend Kevin into a mermaid. To see if it worked, they make him bite the head off a head fish!

08/09/10 – Frank’s Newest song: Bulimic Frog

08/02/10 – Frank Reads PornJoe Reads Porn

07/26/10 show –  We made a Facebook page for our friend Phil that really depicts the guy he is… Check it out!

Phil’s Sexy New Facebook

Another Frank Song!:  Bisexual Monkey



The ESPN Sports Loafer

Pendelton’s Organic Honey Commercial

Radio Live Lunch Promo

Toyota HamHawk Commercial

Finished Kung Fu Coif

Frog Hogs from Hell

threesome promo

Rat Hats Promo

Cheese Monkey’s

Owl Towels

Bear Hair

Hospital Promo

Funeral promo